Why Does Acne Itch Sometimes?

Itching can occur in individuals with acne especially that acne could come with dry skin. Even worse, treatments for acne can sometimes aggravate itching and scratching and will make the condition worse. If you treat your acne with products that are too strong for the type of skin you have, they will likely itch. The fragrance of some products may also irritate your skin.

Acne and eczema are associated and this leads to wrong diagnosis. You might have been misdiagnosed of having acne when it’s actually eczema that you are suffering. If this is the case, you could be treating the problem with wrong products that come with ingredients that are not suitable for you. These products will likely to lead to itchiness and irritations.

The tendency when itching starts to strike with acne is that you would want it to stop and be relieved. Acne could be itchy when you tend to wash them too often. It is your consciousness that tells you to clean your pimples all the time to remove bacteria or dirt. But, too much washing can make your skin dry and this will lead to itching. Itching calls for the feeling of scratching them and this could make the problem even worse. It is necessary not to touch your bare hand on your acne to avoid another bacteria transference or contact.

When you want to wash your acne pimples, you should use a dermatologist advised acne wash or an acne cleaning product. Also, never try to scrub your face as this will cause skin irritation and dryness and will cause itching as well. You can also use moisturizer with a cotton ball to avoid touching your acne with your fingertips. Never attempt to use cosmetics to cover up itchy pimples because makeup tends to have chemicals that could irritate your skin.

Pimples can become itchy with too much heat as well. It is the salty sweat that dries on your skin which causes this itch. This calls for an immediate washing of your face with the right acne wash. If you are an acne sufferer, it makes a lot of sense of you have all necessary treatments ready to avoid further itching and complications of your condition.

Moreover, when it comes to acne itching and breakouts, stress can be a factor. It is very likely that when you are stressed, your pimples will itch also. This suggests that if you are suffering from acne, you should make yourself stress-free. This can be possible by doing exercise, taking the right medications and eating a healthy and balanced diet.

There are studies that show the intensity and presence of itching has not to do with the severity of the acne. However, itching may accompany acne lesions and will have a significant negative influence on the well-being of the patient. In some research conducted to teenagers, acne itching must be regarded a necessary target for anti-pruritic therapy.

Just keep in mind that you can outbreaks and itching of pimples can be avoided when you properly take care of your body and mind. No one can help you achieve this by yourself alone.