Honey and Lemon Juice – Natural Back Acne Treatments

Back acne is the breaking out of blemishes at the back areas of the body and is also known as “bacne”. These are the results of blocked pores in the areas of the skin and developed into cysts, nodules and small blackheads. Severe cases and large pustules of back acne can cause scars. The main cause of this is yet unknown; however it is believed to be associated with the production of androgen during puberty stage. The enlargement of the sebaceous glands can lead to the production of sebum, the natural oil excreted in the pores of the skin. If the pores are blocked, the oil builds up making it the breeding ground for the natural bacteria present in the skin which can infect and invade the pores and produce back acne. It is often hard to be treated as there are more sebaceous glands in the back areas of the body and the skin is thicker making it more resistance to treatments. However there are various known over the counter and prescribed medicines available for back acne treatments. For those who want to save money and reduce their exposure to harmful drugs and chemicals can choose back acne home remedies.

What are the most commonly used home treatments for back acne?

Lemon juice is one of the most effective natural treatments for back acne. The alpha hydroxyl acid present in the lemon juice acts as an astringent that helps dries acne out and prevents it from coming back. Honey is also proven naturally effective way to prevent back acne which can be taken internally or used topically to heal burns and wounds. It is capable of killing the bacterium that causes back acne breakouts. The natural home treatments help clear toxins in the body and leave your skin feeling better than any other medication you can buy.

How to use lemon juice and honey to treat back acne?

Lemon - natural acne treatmentUsing lemon juice and honey for skin treatment are naturally effective. To treat back acne using lemon juice, first wash and squeeze lemons in a bowl. The amount of lemon to use depends on how much treatment you want to make. Clear excess dirt from the affected area by using a cleanser or water and pat dry. Wet a cotton ball with the juice and dab the entire acne affected area in your skin. Applying lemon juice in unreachable areas in your back would be difficult, so you may ask someone to do it for your. Leave the lemon to dry up in your skin before putting your clothes on. This can be done before going to sleep. The following morning wash it out with water. Do not use any kind of soap over the affected area. Continue the procedure until acne is reduced and totally disappear. It’s quite tough to treat back acne and lemon juice is one of the best natural ways to do it.

However for sensitive skin, lemon juice can either burn or causes redness on the affected area thus it is suitable to dilute it with water or rose water before applying. One lemon can be diluted with ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of rose water or water. Do not exceed more than the given amount as the treatment may not be effective. Rose water will give you a cooling effect when mixed with lemon.

Use honey and almond oil as cleansing mask to fight against acne causing bacteria to prevent more outbreaks. Honey is known for its anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects making it more effective treatments for irritated skin. One tablespoon of almond oil mix well with two spoonfuls honey can be applied to the affected area gently massaging it in a circular motion. Leave the cleanser to dry for half an hour and rinse it with warm and dry with a towel. Use this daily to maintain a healthy glowing and acne free skin.

Drinking lemon juice and honey help prevent back acne?

Treating back acne using honey and lemon juice can be done externally and internally. It is made known to us that prevention is better than cure. Drinking lemon juice and honey helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria that causes back acne. So does drinking lemon juice help acne breakouts reduced also? Yes. Drinking lemon juice helps detoxify the liver for the absorption of vitamins and minerals thus increasing the immune system to fight against back acne related infections and minimizes the possibility of more breakouts. This is a healthy juice which is good for your skin and body. Mix warm water and lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it in the morning to eliminate the acid waste present in your body or improve your skin texture and complexion. There are other benefits of lemon juice in our body besides treating acne. Drinking water with lemon juice alleviates constipation, aids in digestion and removing pancreatic and kidney stone. Do not use lemon juice for remedy if you have ulcers, allergies and arthritis.

Honey - natural acne treatmentThe daily intake of raw organic honey is good for the skin and body. Raw honey from health food store whether pasteurized or processed from supermarket is one of the oldest and most reliable healing food. The manuka honey is widely known and recommended for its healing properties. The benefits of raw organic honey includes fighting acne causing bacteria from inside the body, increases blood circulation, provides antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and enzymes. It is also a remedy for ulcers, bronchitis, and abnormal digestion and gives energy and better immune system.

It is important to know that the main problem when you experience back acne breakouts is inside your body. What you see outside is only the symptoms of the real problem inside. So, it is better to use the natural way of curing back acne and preventing it from coming back. With this you can avoid exposing yourself to harmful effects of over the counter medications. The use of honey and lemon for back acne treatment is the cheapest way that will provide you with reliable results.