5 Acne Stories You May Have Never Heard Of

Looking at the mirror one morning and finding out pimples spread out on their faces are dreaded by most teenagers. Acne vulgaris or simply acne is a common skin disease that is considered a normal part of puberty. This affects the area of the body with the oiliest glands such as the face, neck, back and the upper chest. Although not all people develop acne, it is considered a major problem by those who contract it from the adolescent period into adulthood. It can lead to psychological problems like loss of confidence, decrease of self-esteem or inferiority complex. If left untreated, this can result to scarring and those individuals who have an insecure personality will likely suffer depression and in extreme cases, commit suicide.

Here are some stories that tell about supposed cures for acne and other not-so pleasant incidents attributed to this nasty skin disease.

FTC Shuts Down Obviously Fake Acne-Treating Smartphone Apps

There are apps for iPhones and Androids sold for downloading on the net that are supposedly capable of curing acne. The companies that made them claimed that the succession of red and blue lights placed directly over the affected areas can make the acne disappear. Naiveté and gullibility of many people resulted in nearly 15,000 paid downloads for the apps. These applications have no medical findings to back it up. Hence, the Federal Trade Commission acted to put an end to this rip-off once and for all.

Sources: nerve.com and nytimes.com.

Middle School Suspended for Bringing Acne Medication to School

A 13-year-old girl and student of Rachel Carson Middle School in Virginia got a bad case of prejudice in her life by just bringing a prescription bottle of erythromycin to school. Worried that her acne will get worse, she brought the antibiotic intending to take it after lunch. Her only mistake is leaving the bottle on top of her locker and forgetting about it. That was the start of her predicament. False accusations were lodged against her, even if she acknowledges the oversight which eventually led to suspension for two months. After a series of investigation and hearing, she was eventually expelled from the school for possessing a controlled substance even without malicious intentions.

Source: care2.com.

Teenager Died after Taking Acne Tablets

This is a sad story about a 14-year old lad who died several hours after taking an acne medication. The boy was prescribed Minocin by his doctor upon consultation for the treatment of red spots on his back. The doctor was sure of his prescription and told the patient that the antibiotic pill is better than ointment, and it will prevent more spots to appear and stop the redness. At the drugstore, the pharmacist told her mother that the drug was out of stock, and he suggested Sebomin because it has the same main ingredient as the first one without bothering to call the doctor. The fit and athletic young man died because of allergic reactions possibly from the coloring or the main ingredient of the alternate drug. This is clearly a case of negligence and oversight by some people in the medical profession.

Source: independent.co.uk.

Cure for Acne Found, Say Scientists

This is a promising story but still worth a bit of caution. Scientists claimed to discover a drug that is very effective to cure acne. SMT D002 is still in pill form and is believed to be as effective as retinoic acid. Tests were already done without major side effects. A pharmaceutical company is working to manufacture it into a cream form to enhance its therapeutic properties.

Source: telegraph.co.uk.

How Acne and Depression Feed Each Other

There are many documented cases that acne is connected with depression. In the case of 22 year-old Kelly, she noticed that every time she feels depressed, her acne flourished as well. Studies show that acne is a result of growing up and linked to hormonal surge. But more pages are added to medical journals proving that what you feel will contribute to the growth of acne. A low self-esteem can lead to depression which can lead to suicidal tendencies. Proper care by a good dermatologist will help resolve these problems.

Source: cnn.com.

Mix emotions are felt by everyone who happens to read or learn about these stories in real life, considering that acne is just a simple skin infection that can be prevented and treated in different ways. Lessons to be learned for these episodes includes proper knowledge of the disease, consult a specialist (skin doctor), do not self-medicate and be wary of false advertisement that promises an outright cure without scientific basis and research. Moreover, it is very important to remember that not all drugs have the same effect to everybody.